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Welcome to the College of William and Mary Student Health Insurance Plan website! Here you will find information about how you can request a waiver from or how you can ensure your correct enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan. The College requires all full-time undergraduate and graduate students and all F-1/J-1 international students to have health insurance coverage throughout the school year as a condition of enrollment. The Enrollment/Waiver process is an annual one. You must make a selection each academic year to meet this requirement. Falsifying or misrepresenting insurance information is a violation of the Honor Code and will be reported.

You will need your unique 9-digit W&M student identification number (which starts with 93) to complete either online form. W&M does not use your social security number, please only use your W&M ID#. If you do not know your ID#, undergraduate students should contact Admission and graduate students should contact their academic department/program.

Waiver/Enrollment Deadline: December 31, 2016

To ensure the timely enrollment and early access to Insurance ID cards or to avoid being billed for and enrolled in the College-sponsored Insurance Plan, students must file either an Enrollment or Waiver form by the posted deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to verify whether or not the charge has been billed appropriately to your student account. If there is a billing error, you should contact the Insurance Coordinator at the College immediately


  • Full-time students admitted fall 2006 or after who already have adequate health insurance coverage MUST SUBMIT A WAIVER REQUEST upon entering the College and EACH ACADEMIC YEAR thereafter until you graduate to avoid being enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students starting in the spring will be required to complete another waiver request later that same semester for the following academic year.
  • Students with other health insurance plans that have a closed network of providers or with limited coverage outside of your area must carefully review your options before waiving the College-sponsored Insurance Plan because healthcare may not be reasonably accessible in the Williamsburg area with some health plans. Please note that Medicaid coverage is state specific and does not provide coverage out-of-state. Therefore, out-of-state Medicaid is not considered adequate health insurance coverage so a waiver request will not be approved.
  • The waiver request must be completed in its entirety. Detailed information about your current health insurance plan is required so have your insurance card available. Incomplete waiver requests will not be accepted and therefore may result in a non-refundable billing for the student health insurance plan.
  • Students may only submit one waiver request per year, so enter your information carefully and verify it is correct before you submit. If there is an error, contact the Insurance Coordinator at the College to correct.
  • Immediately after submission of your waiver request, an onscreen confirmation will appear and an email confirmation will be sent to the student’s W&M email. Please retain one of the confirmations for your records.

Important note: Students who do not submit a waiver request by the deadline or whose waiver request is not approved WILL BE ENROLLED in the student health insurance plan and the non-refundable fee WILL BE BILLED to your student account.

The waiver period for your school has not started or it has already ended. Please contact your school for more information.