University of North Texas Health Science Center Online Enrollment

Note: For best results, please use your desktop or laptop computer. Student Center is not supported for mobile devices.

Welcome to UnitedHealthcare StudentResources’ online student center. You will need your 8-digit student ID number (given to you upon admission to the UNT Health Science Center) and detailed information about your current insurance policy to complete the online waiver or insurance enrollment form.

If your waiver request is not received before the add/drop deadline, your student account will be billed a non-refundable fee for student insurance coverage.

Prior to completing an insurance waiver, we strongly recommend that you review the Student Insurance plan option available on the university’s Student Health Insurance Page.


  • Your waiver request must be completed in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in a non-refundable billing of the student insurance plan for the current semester or term.
  • You may not make changes or re-enter the waiver once it is submitted.
  • Immediately after completion of the waiver, you will receive a confirmation of approval, denial, or pending status via email. Please print this confirmation for your records.
  • GSBS and SPH students must submit a waiver request online each semester for which they are enrolled and wish to waive coverage.
  • TCOM and SHP students must submit a new waiver request during the Fall semester of each academic year.
  • International students must also provide hard copies of their insurance information in addition to completing the on-line waiver application. Documents should detail that your insurance carrier meets all the provisions set out in the waiver questionnaire. These documents should be submitted to the International Student Services Office (EAD-116) after the online waiver has been completed, but no later than the add/drop deadline for classes.

URGENT:Insurance must be continuous throughout your tenure at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. If at any time coverage for which you have been waived is canceled, you are required to report this change the Office of Student Affairs and seek alternate insurance either through United Healthcare or other suitable plan.

To enroll in the University sponsored plan please access the link below.