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It is the policy of Saint Leo University that all students registered full time in the traditional undergraduate program at University Campus carry health insurance while attending Saint Leo University. You are not required to participate in the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan if you are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan that provides comparable coverage. If you are enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan that will be in effect until the end of the policy year, you may complete and submit a waiver form below.


All degree seeking undergraduate students registered full time in the traditional undergraduate program at Saint Leo University’s main campus are automatically billed for health insurance and the insurance cost is added to their tuition billing. If a student waives the policy, any fees billed for the insurance will be removed.

Any students can waive participation by submitting a completed waiver form with proof of comparable coverage from a US based company. To access the waiver form you will need to provide your date of birth and student ID. Please note that a travel medical policy will not be considered sufficient

Waiver Deadline for All Students

If you have proof of comparable insurance coverage, the deadline to waiver of the University sponsored plan for the Spring period is January 24, 2017. Should an insured student graduate or withdraw from the institution, the insurance shall remain in effect until the end of the period for which premium has been paid.

International Students

International students may waive the university plan as long as they provide evidence of US based coverage. Travel Medical Policies are not considered sufficient to waive.

The waiver period for your school has not started or it has already ended. Please contact your school for more information.