Eastern Virginia Medical School

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Health insurance is MANDATORY for students (see student handbook). EVMS has a hard waiver policy regarding student health insurance. Waivers are done electronically. Failure to complete the waiver process results in mandatory enrollment in the United Health Care plan for the full academic year. Changes to coverage will only be approved in the event of a qualifying life event. Please refer to the Student Health Insurance webpage for a list of qualifying events.

You will need your student ID number and detailed information about your current insurance policy to complete the online waiver.

By clicking one of the online waiver links below, the student acknowledges that he/she read and understands the information listed below.

Submitting a waiver request:

  • Your waiver request must be completed in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in a non-refundable billing for the student insurance plan for the current semester.
  • Immediately after completion of the waiver, you will receive a confirmation of approval or denial via the EVMS Student email system.
  • Please print this confirmation for your records.
  • You must submit a waiver request on line each academic year. If you are beginning your studies at EVMS during the spring semester, you will be required to complete another waiver prior to registering for the following fall semester.

Note: Insurance must be continuous throughout your tenure at EVMS. If after you have submitted your waiver request your insurance plan changes or is dropped, you are required to report this change to Human Resources.

The waiver period for your school has not started or it has already ended. Please contact your school for more information.