College Parents

The primary purpose of student health insurance is to keep students in school so they can graduate and realize their professional and career dreams. StudentResources’ student health plans are custom designed to meet the needs of our client schools and their students and most plans are tailored around a school’s Student Health Center.

Before you waive your student out of the student health insurance plan, you may want to consider whether your current employer-provided insurance adequately covers your student.

If your student is attending an out-of-state school, your employer provided PPO may consider the health care providers in that state out of network, which will increase your out-of-pocket costs. An HMO plan may consider those same providers as being out of their service area.

Why Student Health Insurance May Cost Less

Student health insurance often is less expensive than traditional health insurance programs for reasons that include:

  • Many Student Health Centers provide deep discounts if care is provided on campus. For this reason, student health insurance plans don’t need to be as comprehensive as traditional plans.
  • When students complete their education, they are no longer eligible for student health insurance, which means that most participants are only enrolled for a limited, relatively short period of time. Actuaries point out that the longer a person stays enrolled in a particular health insurance pool, the more health care he or she will require.
  • College students are younger and typically healthier than the general population, resulting in reduced risk for the insurer. Insurance rates typically reflect that reduced risk.

The advantages of student health insurance make them an affordable, quality alternative to more expensive, more comprehensive traditional plans.